“Every day is different"



For me, We make it work means that there are no obstacles we can’t overcome: We are problem solvers and do not shy away from complex tasks."


When she was at school, Luisa Kriep was fascinated by the natural sciences. “After finishing high school, I was looking for a challenging university program with a strong science and technical component. After flirting shortly with medical technology, I decided on mechanical engineering. It was definitely the right decision”, says our colleague.

She heard about Bilfinger for the first time when she was a student in Mannheim. Bilfinger is a well-known and sought-after employer among mechanical engineering students and it is often present at trade and career fairs or at the university. She remembered Bilfinger when she started looking for a job. “As luck would have it, there was a job advertised for a design engineer in my hometown near Frankfurt, and I applied for it immediately. And now here I am", says Luisa Kriep with a smile.

For over a year now, Luisa has been strengthening the team at Bilfinger Engineering & Maintenance GmbH (previously Bilfinger EMS GmbH). In her day-to-day work, she designs and implements pumping and mixing technologies that are used in the food or natural gas industries, for example. In her day-to-day work, Luisa Kriep quickly realized that, in addition to her technical skills, she also benefits from a special talent for dealing with customers. “It’s new challenges and tasks, such as negotiating and talking to customers, that I particularly enjoy,” she explains. The 29-year-old has the opportunity to demonstrate her skills in her role as Project Manager on a project in Denmark. She helps with the design of the plant, liaises with customers and suppliers, solicits offers and places orders. Our colleague also picks up the cordless screwdriver herself and pitches in sometimes. She doesn't have a typical workday. “Every day is different. This project has really boosted my interest in working closer to the customer, and I've been able to put my knowledge on display. It has become clear to me that industriousness and standing up for yourself and what you want certainly pays off. It would not have been possible, however, without the confidence my supervisor has shown in me", emphasizes Luisa Kriep. 

It is precisely this confidence that she particularly appreciates at Bilfinger. “You can continuously develop yourself. I started in design engineering myself and will be working as a project engineer next year. Thanks to the flat hierarchy and the ongoing exchange with my supervisor, I have always been able to talk to him about my career aspirations and take the opportunity to develop in the direction I have chosen for myself. Moreover, excellent colleagues work at Bilfinger and I can learn from the best. Topics of the future, like hydrogen, for example, are addressed and challenges are met head on. For me, We make it work means that there are no obstacles we can’t overcome: We are problem solvers and do not shy away from complex tasks. That’s something I also identify with. I want to make progress and work in a company that allows me to do just that.”

At the moment, she is the only woman in her department, but if Luisa Kriep has her way, that is going to change. “Technical professions are no longer a male-only domain. We're a young team and we appreciate every member; I am incredibly happy in my department. The new experiences and challenges that are offered to me every day at Bilfinger allow me to develop and learn about my strengths and talents. And the job also offers exciting fields of activity in other ways. Are you patient, willing to learn, enthusiastic and like to take on new challenges? Then a job in design engineering at Bilfinger is just right for you”, says our colleague.

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