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Bilfinger is a leading international industrial services provider. The Group enhances the efficiency of assets, ensures a high level of availability and reduces maintenance costs. The portfolio covers the entire value chain from consulting, engineering, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, plant expansion as well as turnarounds and also includes environmental technologies and digital applications.

The company delivers its services in two service lines: Technologies and Engineering & Maintenance. Bilfinger is primarily active in the regions Continental Europe, Northwest Europe, North America and the Middle East. Process industry customers come from sectors that include chemicals and petrochemicals, energy, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biopharma, metallurgy and cement. With its 36,000 employees, Bilfinger upholds the highest standards of safety and quality and generated revenue of €4.153 billion in financial year 2018.

When did Bilfinger become a European Stock Corporation (Societas Europaea, SE)?

On April 15, 2010 the AGM approved the transformation into a European Stock Corporation. The change took effect upon entry in the commercial register of the Company on October 8, 2010.

When was the company renamed Bilfinger SE?

On September 25, 2012, the renaming of the Group as approved by the Annual General Meeting in May 2012 took effect, marking a further important step forward in the successful development of the company.

Where is the headquarters of Bilfinger SE?

The headquarters of Bilfinger is located at Oskar-Meixner-Straße 1, 68163 Mannheim, Germany.

Which accounting standards are the financial statements of the Bilfinger Group based on?

The Consolidated Financial Statements are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as adopted by the EU, and the additional requirements of German commercial law pursuant to Sec. 315a (1) HGB.

Bilfinger Share

When was Bilfinger first listed on the stock exchange?

The Bilfinger share has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange since the merger of Grün und Bilfinger and Julius Berger AG on December 31, 1975. Both companies had been listed since the early 20th century.

How many Bilfinger shares do exist?

There are currently 44,209,042 Bilfinger shares.

What is the value of a share?

The Bilfinger share is a no-par share. The arithmetical value is €3.00 per share.

What kind of shares are issued?

The shares of Bilfinger SE are bearer shares.

On which stock exchanges are Bilfinger shares traded?

Bilfinger shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. They are also listed on the electronic trading platform XETRA.

What are the stock symbols?

Bloomberg symbol: GBF GR

Reuters symbol: GBFG.DE

What are the security identification numbers of the Bilfinger share?

The WKN is 590900

The ISIN is DE0005909006

In which indices is the Bilfinger share listed?

The Bilfinger share is listed in the following national and international indices, among others: SDAX, DAXsubsector Industrial Products & Services Index, Euro STOXX Low Carbon, EURO STOXX, STOXX EUROPE TMI Support Services.


Annual General Meeting and Dividends

When will the next AGM take place?

The next AGM will presumably take place on April 23, 2020.

Where will the AGM take place?

The AGM will take place in Congress Center Rosengarten Mannheim, Rosengartenplatz 2, 68161 Mannheim.

Where can I request information material?

The agenda as well as all other information material is published on our Investor Relations Website under Annual General Meeting.

If you are a shareholder, your custodian bank will automatically provide you with an Agenda and all necessary documents to register for our AGM.

Who is allowed to take part in the AGM?

All shareholders of our company are allowed to take part in the AGM. You just have to register with your custodian bank prior to the AGM.

How can a shareholder transfer his voting rights if he leaves the Annual General Meeting early?

The shareholder can transfer his or her vote to a person known to him in the hall, to a stockholder representative or to an authorized representative of the corporation.

Is it possible to transfer authority to a voting rights representative named by the corporation prior to the AGM?

If you do not wish to attend the Annual General Meeting and in case you have not authorized a third party to participate in the Annual General Meeting, we offer you the opportunity to transfer your voting rights to an employee of our corporation. To do this, registration for the AGM is necessary. Further details are provided here.

Where can I review counter-motions to the AGM?

Any counter-motions which might be submitted will be published on our website. Please refer to Annual General Meeting.

Is there a full video recording of the Annual General Meeting for shareholders that cannot attend?

A video recording of the entire Annual General Meeting is not completely available. The speech of the CEO and the presentation can be obtained on our Investor Relations website under Annual General Meeting.

What was the amount of share capital represented at the last AGM and what were the voting results?

The voting results are available here.



What does Sustainability mean for Bilfinger?

Our top priority is to secure the future of our company over the long term. Such success can only come about, in our opinion, if our business activities also take noneconomic factors into account and are able to reconcile the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other social groups. Ecology, economy and society are therefore inseparably linked at Bilfinger, a fact that can be seen in the life cycle concept we use for our products and services.

More information regarding sustainability at Bilfinger you can obtain here.

Does Bilfinger publish a Sustainability Report?

To keep our target groups informed about our activities in this area, we started publishing an annual sustainability report since 2011. It provides a systematic and comprehensive description of the specific goals and strategies we follow, as well as the activities we are developing and the results of these measures.

The Sustainability Report of Bilfinger is available here. It includes, as a separate non-financial report, the information on environmental issues, social issues as well as on respect for human rights and on fighting bribery and corruption as required in accordance with the CSR Guideline Implementation Act (CSR-RL-UmsG) and pursuant to Section 315b ff HGB and Section 289b ff HGB.


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