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Bilfinger's project execution capabilities cover the entire lifecycle of oil and gas infrastructure. Whether we are talking about upstream treatment facilities, midstream pipelines and compression stations, downstream LNG distribution units or storage tank terminals - Bilfinger assumes responsibility for design, procurement and fabrication as well as construction. We also take care of the subsequent maintenance of your assets. The Bilfinger concept for full project responsibility ranges from technical advisory services to mechanical completion and commissioning, including specific technologies for gas processing.

Building on a strong reputation for excellent service in the international oil and gas industry, Bilfinger is keen to take on assignments for a wide range of project sizes, supported by in-house piping and module fabrication facilities and a comprehensive network of service delivery points. Our high-end process control systems ensure safe and reliable operation of your plants. From our corporate headquarters in Germany, we have now established a strong track-record in projects with clients around the world.

Smart Products for a clean environment and enhanced efficiency.

Gas treatment plants

With a truly international footprint, broad expertise in the oil and gas market and a variety of technologies and services, Bilfinger brings added value to infrastructure projects. With over 40 years of gas processing experience, our solutions fit small and medium size projects in the entire gas value chain. Bilfinger is the perfect partner for developing and executing projects such as gas field development, gas processing plants, compression stations and underground storages.

Our technology portfolio includes competences and knowhow in various processes, covering water and hydrocarbon dew-point adjustment, sulfur and mercury removal, CO2 removal and multiphase separation. As a one-stop-shop, Bilfinger offers all services necessary from planning, engineering, procurement, fabrication to construction and commissioning of new and existing plants. We build proprietary equipment in our own production facilities, ensuring highest quality levels that minimize your risks related to scheduling, cost and labor.

Small Scale LNG plants

Because it produces fewer emissions than diesel or heavy fuel oil, LNG has untapped potential in both land and sea transportation. Since the increase in LNG demand is often geographically scattered and not always close to large producers or distribution networks, it is increasingly important that LNG is produced locally in a smaller capacity. This is known as Small Scale LNG (SSLNG).

Bilfinger and a well-known technology partner have teamed up to offer our customers a complete solution for SSLNG plants. Our technology and proprietary cryogenic equipment has been successfully deployed for decades.

With our SSLNG model, various gas sources can be used to produce LNG. We offer complete supply solutions from the natural gas source to the end user, including pre-treatment of gas and natural gas liquefaction technology, LNG trailer loading stations and LCNG/LNG refueling stations. Bilfinger has developed a pre-engineered process solution and a modularized design to achieve the shortest delivery time with minimum construction work onsite.

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Whether you are operating in a remote area with extreme weather condition or in an existing complex pipeline infrastructure, Bilfinger provides you with services for greenfield or brownfield pipeline projects. Our services range from concept engineering and consultancy to complete EPFC solutions including commissioning. They are provided both as standalone offerings or integrated services.

For more than 50 years, we have been close to our key customers in Europe and the Middle East, providing them access to our multidisciplinary pipeline project experts and local expertise supplemented by our own fabrication capabilities. Our world-class process control systems have earned a strong reputation in the industry, supporting some of the most challenging pipeline projects such as the Nord Stream pipeline.

Storage Tanks & Terminals

Design, construction and maintenance of tanks and terminals demand significant investment and the involvement of many stakeholders. In order to help our customers make the right decisions within the given time frame and budget, we can simulate entire projects from the beginning.

Bilfinger has comprehensive in-house resources and capabilities to design and engineer storage tanks and complete terminals. We can develop a complete digital tank terminal in 3D (design), 4D (planning), 5D (costs), 6D (sustainability) and 7D (maintenance impact).

Oil & gas fuels conditioning

Bilfinger is one of the world's leading providers of fuel processing facilities for oil and gas-fired turbines in power plants. In our scope of supply, we are responsible for customer-specific engineering and purchasing of components as well as for manufacturing, delivery, construction and commissioning of fuel processing plants.

The full range of our services, including maintenance, is provided from a single source. This approach guarantees the highest quality at the lowest costs while simultaneously reducing interfaces to a minimum. Bilfinger has more than 60 years of experience in the planning and delivery of process plant components, with installation of systems in over 50 countries around the world.

Compression station and Odorizing/deodorising units

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Drones at work on the high seas

Falcon 8: that is the name of the drone that is at work for Bilfinger Salamis. A drone is an unmanned flying vehicle that is controlled by a computer or by a remote control.

Falcon 8: that is the name of the drone that has been at work for Bilfinger Salamis for about a year now. Images taken by the drone make it possible to quickly discover cracks or other corrosion damage to platforms so that they can be promptly repaired by Bilfinger technicians. With the help of thermal images, it is also possible to detect leaks on joints, gas pipes or insulation.