Nuclear power plant demolition:
strong partner for a daunting task

Fully demolishing a nuclear power plant is a daunting task – which means it is particularly important to tackle it with a strong partner. Over the course of next few years, dozens of nuclear power plants around the world are scheduled for demolition. The shutdown and demolition of nuclear facilities, however, are highly complex tasks and require a broad range of skills and experience. Bilfinger is one of the few companies in Germany that offers the necessary range of services and know-how and is regularly involved in challenging demolition projects both nationally and internationally.

Bilfinger’s range of services includes feasibility studies, design and approval planning, demolition, post-operational and implementation planning as well as the supply of equipment technology and the execution of work. With this comprehensive portfolio, Bilfinger is able to take on both specific individual tasks as well as the complete demolition of nuclear power systems as a general contractor.

Why is Bilfinger your perfect partner? The advantages at a glance:

- Full demolition and coordination of all key work from one source
- Modular service range
- Almost 20 years of experience in the planning of demolition projects
- Cutting-edge expertise
- Highly qualified staff
- Application of the latest technologies and processes


Bilfinger has been active in nuclear services and nuclear technology for decades. By providing services across the entire life cycle of a nuclear system, Bilfinger is a preferred partner for the nuclear industry when it comes to challenging tasks. Dozens of references for the demolition of nuclear facilities demonstrate the Group’s high level of competence.

Selected Bilfinger references for the demolition of power plants

Planning for the demolition of facilities, systems and components in nuclear power plant Brunsbüttel

On behalf of Vattenfall, Bilfinger is developing the reference concept planning and creating the tender documents for the demolition of various facilities, systems and components at Brünsbuttel nuclear power plant (Germany). The focus here is on the planning and tender documents for the demolition of the containment, systems in and around the containment, components and systems in the boiler house and the demolition of concrete bars. The contract was awarded in 2017. Bilfinger has completed similar planning for EWN Energiewerke Nord, nuclear power plant Lingen, nuclear power plant Niederaichbach and multiple research reactors, such as the Karlsruhe multi-purpose research reactor. At nuclear power plant Niederaichbach and the Karlsruhe multi-purpose research reactor implementation was also carried out by Bilfinger.

Demolition of the pressurizer in nuclear power plant Obrigheim

Bilfinger demolished the pressurizer in the primary circuit at nuclear power plant Obrigheim. Key elements of the contract included the concept planning, the conversion of the material lock for the demolition, the demolition of the pressurizer and packing into the transport container. The complex project, commissioned by EnBW Kernkraft GmbH, began in 2007 and was completed in 2012.

Feasibility studies for the demolition of nuclear facilities

With the application for the shutdown of nuclear facilities, the feasibility of the demolition and the safe containment are to be demonstrated. These studies are carried out at an early stage and included as supplementary documents with the shutdown application. Among other things, the concepts for the demolition of the activated and highly contaminated major components, the nature of their demolition and the subsequent waste treatment, including the dose rate, are examined. Bilfinger has carried out such feasibility studies in recent years for the Karlsruhe multi-purpose research reactor (Germany), nuclear power plant Stade (Germany), nuclear power plant Brunsbüttel (Germany), nuclear power plant Würgassen (Germany), nuclear power plant Mühlheim-Kärlich (Germany), shared research facility JRC, Ispra (Italy) and research reactor Salaspils (Latvia).

Thorsten Hoppe

Thorsten Hoppe

Executive President

Our customer promise: From feasibility study to complete demolition – Bilfinger is your perfect partner for the energy transformation.