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It's all about working together. And when that is the case, it is possible to achieve great things together."


What does our digital future look like? How can we make our collaboration fit for the future? These are the kinds of questions that Helge Lauterbach, Managing Director of Bilfinger Global IT, deals with every day.

The IT specialist faced a challenge when he joined Bilfinger in 2016: IT needed to be restructured — and with a new Managing Director at the helm to help meet this challenge. Helge Lauterbach had previously worked for Bilfinger as an external consultant and was familiar with the company and its employees. Among the factors contributing to his decision to join Bilfinger was the highly motivated team. It was a decision he has never regretted. In fact, the level of passion he brought to his job at Bilfinger is just as high as it was at the beginning.

“When I first got to Mannheim, my dry Berlin humor was not always understood,” Helge Lauterbach smiles. But his heart quickly understood Bilfinger - and it still beats for the Mannheim company. The solution and team-oriented approach to getting things done, an approach that is extremely important for the communications engineer, made it easy for him to find his bearings. Open cooperation across national borders - that's what drives Helge Lauterbach: “Bilfinger has so much potential, not only in terms of our broad product range, but also in terms of our employees. Thanks to the strong networking among colleagues in IT and the business, we have the opportunity to exploit our potential. There is of course still room to improve, but Bilfinger is already at the front of the pack in this regard. It's all about working together. And when that is the case, it is possible to achieve great things together."

Helge Lauterbach's team is putting this approach into practice for the company’s IT activities. They have grown individually and collectively over the course of the Corona crisis, facing the hurdles of working from home and creating the space required for stable networking despite home office. This has been made possible through various conferences, such as the “check-in meeting,” where the entire Global IT comes together digitally. Around 180 employees exchange news from their respective business units, colleagues present their current projects in so-called “knowledge nuggets” and updates on the current Covid situation are also discussed. “This may seem trivial to some, but for us it is essential. The response from colleagues has been fantastic and the level of interest is extremely high. Due to the current situation, this meeting allows us to have a lively exchange of information and ideas, to present projects and to celebrate successes. We promote fun in our work and that is incredibly important in my eyes.”

Other areas of responsibility of the Chief Information Officer include thinking ahead to the agile transformation of the company, which aims to give employees greater personal responsibility. The specialist is also regularly involved in international coordination to improve exchange and cooperation among local IT departments and Global IT. In addition to personnel management, other key areas of his work include IT security and various IT architecture topics.

Helge Lauterbach and his team are thinking about what the IT of the future should look like. Flat hierarchies and shorter decision-making paths will pave the way for greater efficiency and faster work, he says.

“An IT career at Bilfinger offers many exciting prospects. Get involved in major projects, show what you can do, and if you do a good job, the right people will take notice. But never forget: it is only then that the real work begins.”

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