memorable start into professional life


Junior Structural Engineer Gediminas Jastrumskis will never forget his first steps into Bilfinger Tebodin. Back then he was a 3rd year Civil Engineering student, being already 2 months late to find an engineering internship to complete his study. After three calls to the HR of Bilfinger Tebodin, he finally received a reaction. A return call from a manager, on Gediminas birthday, at the moment where he was knee deep in salt marsh on a tidal flat, setting up a research facility for one of his universities research groups, was his best birthday that day. With muddy hands finally managing to grab his phone, he heard the most pleasant birthday greetings: “you are invited for an interview”.



Today, after a successful internship and two years as a full-time Structural Designer/Modeller, Gediminas focuses on his new role as a Structural Engineer. The scale of development at his structural department was exponential, due to impeccable coaching from his manager and engineers. At first, it was drafting structures as an intern in 2D, then mastering modelling in the 3rd dimension, followed by the use of 3D scanning for better precision in brown field projects of large industrial plants. Moreover, employing virtual reality tools in projects helped Gediminas to present the stakeholders with the real magnitude of the project and to offer a near-to-real-life experience of structures yet to be built. And now, a new challenge awaits to combine these skills with calculating and engineering structures, offering a full BIM Engineer’s skillset.


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