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CUI Vessel Inspection



United Kingdom

Bilfinger UK's Inspection Department were approached by another Bilfinger entity to support an inspection trial on a vessel, in order to give the client a detailed inspection report prior to full strip.

The client was looking to improve their inspection process, enabling a quick turnaround of information for their ongoing vessel refurbishment program. The workscope involved removal of insulation at all penetration points, followed by visual, photographic and, where required, UT and radiographic inspections.


With a full understanding of the challenging work site conditions, we were able to deploy all services via rope access. Our multidisciplined Rope Access Team of a Rigger, Insulators, Radiographers and an NDT Technician used a variety of advanced inspection techniques including High Temperature UT and Radiography to determine the extent of existing corrosion under insulation.

Using the resultions of this inspection, they then removed and replaced a mix of sheet metal and mineral wool insulation. The above services were fully planned,work packed, and scheduled as per the clients requirements.

Added value:

All works were executed and completed within the agreed schedule, with a fully documented inspection report available to the client within 24 hours of completing the scope of works.

  • Prioritised scheduling based on detailed inspection results
  • Reduction of scaffold access requirements for initial inspection scopes
  • Reduced manpower via multidisciplined Rope Access Fabric Maintenance and Inspection Team
  • No vessel shutdown during execution of the scope
  • No interruption to the production process
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