Containing the Covid-19 pandemic

Worldwide measures currently being put in place to contain the Covid-19 pandemic are presenting us with major challenges, both in our private and in our business lives. For us at Bilfinger, the health and safety of our employees and business partners is a top priority. We do not compromise on integrity and safety - this is firmly embedded in our Mission Statement.

At our headquarters in Mannheim, we have set up a global Crisis Intervention Team in addition to the crisis teams that have been established in all regions. We are working together closely with government and health authorities throughout the world, closely following current developments and acting accordingly. This approach allows us to coordinate all the measures we have put in place for employees, customers and partners and to take account of the often very different situations on site.

Our promise to our customers: same high standards of service and support to help overcome current challenges.

At the same time, we guarantee our customers the high standard of our services and help them to overcome current challenges. Our customers can rely on us to make every effort to ensure the continued operation of their plants.

Stay safe and healthy!

Plant modification for Corona vaccine

Bilfinger Tebodin supported a long-standing customer from the biomedical industry with the short-term modification of the plant for the production of a vaccine against the Corona virus.

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Virtual industrial services: Remote maintenance with Bilfinger

Many industrial plant operators are currently limiting access to their facilities in order to protect both their own employees and those of their service providers. Bilfinger is offering two solutions for "virtual" industrial services.

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Modification for production of vaccine

Biflinger Industrietechnik Salzburg delivered and installed systems, valves and piping for the modification of plants of a well-known pharmaceutical company in record time.

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Right time to level up the hygienic design

To combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the cosmetics sector takes an intense effort, starting the production of hand disinfectants and hydro-alcoholic gels. Bilfinger Tebodin supports L’Oreal, as its repetitive client, in this initiative.

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Prevention Measures