Doing business sustainably

In the “Economy” category, the most relevant aspects for us are energy and process efficiency services, customer satisfaction and quality, innovation, compliance, supply chain, as well as equal opportunity and diversity. We have defined clear objectives for each of these aspects for financial year 2017:

  • Harmonize, throughout the Group, our customer-satisfaction surveys performed in the operative units;
  • Launch a uniform, Group-wide Customer Relationship Management System operating on the cloud;
  • Develop an R&D center of excellence serving to promote the innovation activities pursued by our operative units;
  • Perform company-internal road shows and communications events / provide training courses on the new Bilfinger Code of Conduct;
  • Elaborate a concept for the implementation of targeted and systematic supplier audits;
  • Increase the share of women working in leadership roles throughout the Group to 15 percent.
Economy at Bilfinger