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As an internationally operating conglomerate, Bilfinger SE has made it a priority to give its Procurement management a global and sustainable orientation. Sourcing materials and services from suppliers, subcontractors, and other providers in a rule-bound, resource-efficient, and cost-effective fashion is integral to our corporate philosophy. In this manner – and by drawing upon a professional procurement network – our Procurement is able to make a significant contribution to our company’s overall success. Quality assurance, responsible decision making, and cost savings all play a decisive role in maintaining the profitability and competitive strength of Bilfinger SE over the long term.

From paperclips to giant factories

Our respective procurement departments are involved in Bilfinger SE’s overall procurement process as well as in all of the individual sourcing and purchasing transactions. The volume procured in this context accounts for almost half of our Group’s total output performance. This means that a key success factor, in our view, is to consistently implement a sustainable procurement strategy as part of our overall corporate strategy, with carefully defined policies regarding suppliers, quality assurance, and contract structuring. At the same time, all procurement activities are performed in close coordination with the respective technical departments and requisitioning entities, such as Compliance, Calculation, Project Management, Sustainability Management, etc.

In order to offer our customers an optimal price/value ratio, we have also established an international network of partners and suppliers. When selecting our suppliers, we focus on criteria such as quality, timely performance, risk, sustainability, compliance, and cost effectiveness. Our procurement personnel, who number in the hundreds, are there to assist us in our global search for suppliers as well as during the implementation of projects. In so doing, they are making a significant contribution to our Group’s long-term success.

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