Ciara Glen

Ciara Glen, Bilfinger SE, is originally from Canada. Her first contact with Bilfinger was in 2014 when she did an internship at Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock Middle East. After finishing her university degrees in Community Design (BCD) and Commerce (BComm), she collected additional work experience in Canada. As she was always interested in working internationally, she contacted the HR manager at Deutsche Babcock, who had a job opportunity. In 2017, she moved to Abu Dhabi where she first worked for an MMO entity and afterwards for an E&T entity (Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East). While working for Bilfinger Tebodin Middle East, she had the opportunity for a job rotation and joined the Talent Management team from July to October 2018 at the Bilfinger headquarters in Mannheim.

How long is your stay in the HQ in Mannheim and: have your expectations been met?

I started in July 2018 and will stay here for a total of four months. I can say that my expectations have been met and exceeded. I was really involved in projects which was something I did not necessarily expect. Getting ownership in tasks was very motivating and also important to my own personal development.

What were your main projects?

One major task was to help develop a concept for a corporate trainee program. I also presented this to the Executive Board which was a huge opportunity for me. We received approval so right now, we are in the recruiting process for this project. The program will start in February 2019.

In terms of perspective: do you see the headquarters differently than before?

Yes, I definitely do. In Abu Dhabi, the HR tasks are very operational, and we are very close to our ongoing business and to our employees. At headquarters, the working day is different. My mindset has changed in that I think the bigger picture now. I know the long-term strategy the corporate departments are focusing on. So when topics come up in Abu Dhabi, like the planned HRcules rollout, I know what it looks like and how it will change our procedures. Another example is the Talent Program, which we will start in the Middle East next year. I understand the program from the Bilfinger Academy perspective. This helps me to bring this to my team and introduce the program in our region.