Strange encounters at work

Ben Patterson was astonished: he had just rappelled into the splash zone of the offshore platform Claymore, one of the oil and gas company Repsol Sinopec's assets in the North Sea, when all of a sudden a seal popped out of the water and curiously observed the activity.

Patterson, who works as a thermal insulation engineer at Bilfinger Salamis UK, was about to assist with sandblasting and recoating a 14'' dead weight support clamp when his animal companion joined him. Unfortunately, the seal, who was immediately named Sammy, didn't have a proper personal protective equipment and couldn't stay around for the full job.

Thermal insulation engineer Ben Patterson from Bilfinger Salamis UK is currently based at the offshore platform Claymore in the North Sea.

Bilfinger Salamis UK is a leading provider of maintenance, modification and operations services to clients in the offshore oil, gas and wind markets in Northwest Europe. Through integrated service offerings, innovative products and multi-skilled teams, we enhance the efficiency of assets, ensuring a high level of availability and reduced maintenance costs. Bilfinger Salamis UK has over 40 years' experience in all phases of operations, including inspection, repair, maintenance, and decommissioning.  

Drones at work on the high seas

Falcon 8: that is the name of the drone that is at work for Bilfinger Salamis. A drone is an unmanned flying vehicle that is controlled by a computer or by a remote control.

Falcon 8: that is the name of the drone that has been at work for Bilfinger Salamis for about a year now. Images taken by the drone make it possible to quickly discover cracks or other corrosion damage to platforms so that they can be promptly repaired by Bilfinger technicians. With the help of thermal images, it is also possible to detect leaks on joints, gas pipes or insulation.