Heavyweight specialists

If you want to install a behemoth with a diameter of seven meters and a length of 60 meters in an area with a lot of industrial facilities, your planning had better be precise. In order to ensure that everything proceeds according to plan, the experts from Bilfinger Maintenance prepared their order for the exchange of a production tower, a so-called column, in the Frankfurt Höchst Industrial Park six months in advance.

All work had to be carried out within a period of four weeks – that’s how long the plant was shut down. In order to perfectly coordinate the broad range of tasks and to avoid any safety risks, the team conducted each and every step in line with the detailed planning and did a portion of the work in day and night shifts. The colleagues used a crawler crane with a load capacity of 650 tons and an outrigger of 90 meters. The team also kept an eye on the infrastructure: for the transport of the new column, roads in the industrial park were blocked, bus stops were moved and streetlights were dismantled.

Marked by 2 weeks of hard work with day and night shifts but also satisfied with a job well done: the core team from Bilfinger service assembly.

The result of the professional preparation and the commitment in the transport and installation was success in every sense of the word: Project Manager Manfred Jautzus and his team installed the new stainless steel column without incident and exactly on schedule. This reduced the shutdown of the plant to a minimum. And the client, Celanese, was able to put the new plant component into operation after a short time so that the distilling of vinyl acetate could continue.

Including all supplementary services such as steel construction and apparatus assembly, Bilfinger Maintenance received the top grade for the order of “In time, in budget and without HSEQ incident”. Joachim Klimek, Head of Engineering at Celanese, expressed his appreciation for the very professional, reliable and safe execution: “The burden on my colleagues was very high as a result of the visibility of the project on the grounds, the tight schedule and the production pressure. But we had full confidence in your team at all times, and trusted that the joint goals would be reached. It was, once again, an excellent cooperation.”

Kerstin Schramm, the responsible project engineer from Celanese, and Mario Schön, fitter from Bilfinger, prior to lifting off for an inspection at a height of 60 meters.

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In a duet with the crawler crane and the 200-ton tracking crane, the 45-meter long, 7-ton exterior pipe floats to the ground.

The column, pre-fabricated with all platforms, insulation and piping, is positioned and lowered into place.

With a weight of 143 tons and a length of 60 meters, the new column is now the plant’s largest.