Bilfinger Gerätetechnik

Bilfinger Equipment Technology

Bilfinger Equipment Technology (consisting of Equipment Technology Austria and Equipment Technology Germany) is the leading full-service provider of equipment for industrial assembly companies. The associated services include procurement, leasing, supply, service, repairs, transport and insurance as well as the provision skilled operating personnel.

Bilfinger Equipment Technology ensures the full supply of construction site equipment and guarantees a well-functioning and efficient equipment pool.

Excerpt from the equipment pool

  • Hoisting equipment, winches, presses, ropes, slings
  • Welding, soldering, annealing, suctioning, fixtures
  • Welding beads, pipe fitters for deep pipes
  • Energy, electrical instrumentation, compressed air, heating, cables
  • Finishing machines, drilling, threads
  • Pumps, measurement technology, cleaning technology
  • Site installation, ladders, hoses
  • Containers, tents, construction trailers
  • Vehicles
  • Mechanical tools
  • Clothing, PSA, hygiene
  • Material


Wels (Austrian headquarter), Linz, Salzburg, Wien

Bitterfeld (German headquarter), Bochum, Voerde