Bilfinger Rosink

Bilfinger Rosink

Bilfinger Rosink develops and produces waste gas heat-exchangers for steam and hot-water boilers in power plants. The company is a specialist in the manufacture of fully welded helical finned tubes, which are produced according to the patented NOH process among other techniques. Bilfinger Rosink also produces boiler cleaning systems that improve both the efficiency and service lifetime of boilers used in power plants, industrial companies and waste incinerators.


  • Engineering and production of heat-exchangers for boiler systems, waste heat boiler systems behind gas and steam turbines, systems behind thermal afterburners and thermal waste air cleaners and waste heat boiler systems / industrial boilers
  • Fin tube production: Power generation from waste heat recovery in combined cycle power plants, CHP plants for district heating and industrial purposes and reactors and furnaces for the chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Welding process by robots: high quality TIG welding seams for the manufacturing of harps
  • Boiler cleaning systems (cleaning systems for power plants, industrial boilers, waste incinerators and biomass power plants: project planning, design, production, delivery, installation and commissioning as well as in-house electrical engineering and panel shop)
  • Service, maintenance and repair (efforts to determine optimisation potential, to develop new concepts for modernization projects and to repair faults)