Bilfinger Maschinenbau

Bilfinger Maschinenbau

Bilfinger Maschinenbau is specialized in the production and processing of large, heavy and complex steel components. The focus is on energy technology with the production of components for water, gas and steam turbines as well as systems engineering with the manufacturing of containers and apparatus. The product spectrum ranges from water turbine models with a diameter of 400 mm through to fuel tank caps for the Ariane rocket and gas-cooled methanol reactors weighing more than 500 tons each.

The range of services in nuclear technology, depending on specific customer requirements and regulations, ranges from upgrading through to delivery of new system components. For highly-qualified manufacturing needs, a certified clean room (manufacturing space of 1,000 m2 and crane capacity of 50 tons) with specially trained staff is available.


  • Layout, mechanical engineering, electrical and control technology detail engineering, materials procurement, manufacturing and commissioning of nuclear technology components for the primary and secondary areas
  • Mechanical processing of gas and steam turbine components
  • Mechanical processing of water turbine components including welding part production
  • Assembly of hydro turbines as well as their rehabilitation in our production facilities
  • Plant engineering: combination of welding and major mechanical engineering
  • Apparatus engineering: maximum weight 500 tons, direct access to heavy load harbor, 300 ton crane, rehab and replacement worldwide
  • Consulting and cooperation in the construction phase