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84 meters beneath the megacity of London is a pump station belonging to British water utility Thames Water. Bilfinger supplies the automation technology.

Major project beneath London
Desulfurization technologies at Bilfinger, Clean across the sea
Desulfurization technology
Breakthrough maintenance concept
CNC mandrel bending machine
Bilfinger, mobile solutions for maintenance
Mobile Solutions for Maintenance
Bilfinger, Pinch analysis, system for optimizing heat utilization in industry
optimizing heat utilization
Bilfinger Industrial Services België/Nederland, Magnetic Scaffold Anchors
Magnetic Scaffold Anchors
Bilfinger, Turnaround in Neste Refinery Porvoo, Finland
We make Turnarounds work
Bilfinger 3-D plant design
Precise facilities planning with 3D tools
Heavyweight experts from Bilfinger Maintenance
Heavyweight Specialists
Bilfinger, maintenance for seawater desalination plant in Kuwait
Supply of drinking water in Kuwait
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