Bilfinger to carry out three building construction projects valued at €50 million

April 08, 2015

The engineering and services group Bilfinger is carrying out new building construction projects with a total volume of about €50 million in Hamburg and Wiesbaden.

In the Hamburg district of Othmarschen, Bilfinger is building a new residential and commercial property with an underground parking garage on a turnkey basis. On the ground floor, there will be approximately 4,000 square meters of retail and local supply space while the upper floors will have more than 100 new apartments. The building achieves a KfW70 energy standard, which means that it requires 30 percent less primary energy than a comparable new building.

Also in Hamburg, Bilfinger is building a turnkey refrigerated warehouse with a total floor space of 10,500 square meters for Germany's leading catering wholesaler, Chefs Culinar. 8,000 square meters of the space will be used for the storage and distribution of food products and 2,500 square meters will house office, social and technology areas. A highly-efficient combined heat and power unit will be integrated into the building technology.

In Wiesbaden's city center, a new parking garage which meets the most modern requirements will be built on the basis of a public private partnership. For reasons related to structural integrity, the existing building must be demolished. In its place, Bilfinger will build a structure with 370 parking spaces and about 2,000 square meters of retail space. The parking areas are free of any structural supports and the spaces themselves will be at least 2.50 meters wide. Through the application of pioneering building technology, the new property will be extremely energy efficient.