Acting responsibly

Our business model as an engineering and services group means that our ecological footprint is quite small compared to those of other large-size companies. Nevertheless, our sustainability strategy makes due allowance for the aspects of energy consumption and CO2 reduction, waste and resource management, as well as water, since they allow us to systematically measure and gradually reduce the resources we require. In the “Ecology” category, we have set ourselves the following objectives for the fiscal year 2017:

  • Elaborate a concept for the Group-wide identification of relevant energy-consumption indicators;
  • Comprehensively revise and streamline the vehicle fleet guidelines for application throughout the Group;
  • Develop and implement new travel guidelines with Group-wide applicability;
  • Elaborate a concept for the Group-wide identification of waste and hazardous waste;

For additional information on the sustainability aspects of our “Ecology” category, please click here:

Ecology at Bilfinger