The partners and suppliers of Bilfinger SE

Being able to call upon top-notch suppliers offering quality products and services is an essential success factor for Bilfinger SE and a key pre-requisite for our future growth and the satisfaction of our customers. So it stands to reason that we in Procurement rely on only the best suppliers, subcontractors, and service providers. Carefully managing these suppliers on the basis of an ongoing and far-sighted analysis of future requirements in order to put all available potentials to optimal use is one of the critical tasks of our organisation. This allows us to identify the best-performing partners for our projects. Once the right partner has been selected, we invite them to help us define the parameters that will determine the respective project’s optimal success. We see this as a form of strategic procurement management that will ultimately help secure our long-term competitiveness.

Get to know our suppliers

Our suppliers stand out for the diversity of their respective portfolios of products and services. To show you just how multifaceted these can be, we would like to present a few of our partners and suppliers in greater detail.