Suppliers, subcontractors, service providers

Suppliers, subcontractors, service providers – Bilfinger SE

A select pool of expertise

Bilfinger SE offers its customers comprehensive services, in engineering matters and in other fields as well. In order to be able to provide these services in a timely and cost-efficient manner all over the world, we work with a select network of suppliers, subcontractors, and service providers. The services provided by our partners account for almost 50 percent of our added value. The ability to collaborate smoothly with our suppliers is not only of critical importance to our operations but also to our overall mission as a valued and trusted business partner. Thus, ensuring quality and reliability are integral components of our supplier management. 

The partner of choice for your project

The portfolio of products and services offered by our suppliers, subcontractors, and service providers is every bit as wide-ranging and diverse as the spectrum of requirements made by our customers. The fact that our network runs the gamut from small craft businesses to globally operating full-service providers allows us to find just the right partner for each project. To ensure that our services will continue to meet our exacting quality standards over the long term, our Procurement Division applies a catalogue of strict, pre-defined criteria when selecting new suppliers. In addition, professional quality-assurance arrangements are incorporated into each of our supplier agreements. These provisions define our expectations with respect to our future collaboration as well as the procedures to be followed in the event of quality shortfalls.

Doing business in a sustainable fashion

As we see it, working conscientiously and in a spirit of trust is the basis for any successful business cooperation. So we consider it essential to our reputation that our partners fulfil the same exacting standards in terms of sustainability and future availability as we do – and that our customers, too, can rely on this premise. Taking a strategic approach towards supplier management allows us to control future business risks, benefit from performance potentials, and guarantee sustainable results going forward.

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