Nearly 37,000 people work at Bilfinger. People with stories to tell from work and everyday life.

[Translate to English:] People@Bilfinger, Auszubildender Morteza Hatami, Bilfinger GreyLogix

Morteza Hatami is in the third year of his apprenticeship as an electrician for information and system technology at Bilfinger GreyLogix.

People@Bilfinger, Process engineer Evangelia Gkeredaki, Tebodin, The Netherlands

Process engineer Evangelia Gkeredaki accompanied the "cradle-to-cradle" certification process of a pollutant-free and fully recyclable plastic bottle.

People@Bilfinger, Kurt Friedrich, Chemiewehrschule Zofingen, Bilfinger Industrial Services Schweiz

Kurt Friderich from Chemiewehrschule Zofingen sensitize children and teenagers to handling fire.

People@Bilfinger, Senior Engineer Erich Meyer, Bilfinger Chemserv Österreich

What is the exact point at which a worn part should be replaced? The senior engineer at Bilfinger Chemserv has been examining this issue.

People@Bilfinger, Supervisor Susan Rooi, Bilfinger Power Africa

Susan Rooi operates the big pipe-bending machine at Bilfinger Power Africa in Pretoria.

People@Bilfinger, Yngve Rune Olsen, Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway

Together with his team, Yngve Rune Olsen helps clients to become more efficient and thus even more competitive in the market.


Dr. Wolfgang Walter

People@Bilfinger, Dr. Wolfgang Walter

He develops and manufactures incredibly strong magnets. With their help, physicists can keep million degree plasma under control.