Nearly 40,000 people work at Bilfinger. People with stories to tell from work and everyday life.

Process engineer Evangelia Gkeredaki accompanied the "cradle-to-cradle" certification process of a pollutant-free and fully recyclable plastic bottle.


Sebastian Wolf from Bilfinger GreyLogix registered to be a bone marrow donor – and became a lifesaver.


Bianca Matt regularly visits a nursing home in Mannheim with her Labrador Rosi.

Feature Story

Kurt Friderich from Chemiewehrschule Zofingen sensitize children and teenagers to handling fire.


Benjamin Harbrücker is currently working on his degree in the dual course of study program at Bilfinger. He did his practical training in Finland.


Susan Rooi operates the big pipe-bending machine at Bilfinger Power Africa in Pretoria.


Scott Murray

Project engineer Scott Murray has been recognised as a Rising Star at the 20th Offshore Contractor's Association Challenge Awards in Aberdeen.


Gabriele Reiter

The Process engineer developed a modular system for bioreactors and fermenters. These systems are used to grow microorganisms or cells.

Rainer Gross

Rainer Gross and his team organize so-called turnarounds for giant refineries and chemical plants – a highly complex business.

Together with his team, Yngve Rune Olsen helps clients to become more efficient and thus even more competitive in the market.


The business developer works for Tebodin in Jakarta. He oversees major projects like the construction of offices for a cocoa-processing plant.

Feature Story

Tilmann Stieler, from Bilfinger Rohrleitungsbau, came in third at the national “Youth Welds” 2015 in the so-called WIG welding competition.


What is the exact point at which a worn part should be replaced? The senior engineer at Bilfinger Chemserv has been examining this issue.

Feature Story

Matthias Möller

The designer for CAD planning and documentation at Bilfinger Scheven developed a pipe-calculation software.

Dr. Wolfgang Walter

He develops and manufactures incredibly strong magnets. With their help, physicists can keep million degree plasma under control.

The health of his employees is at the top of the agenda. He is Corporate Safety Director at Bilfinger Industrial Services in the United States.