Ben Patterson

Thermal insulation engineer Ben Patterson from Bilfinger Salamis UK is currently based at the offshore platform Claymore in the North Sea. All of a sudden, an animal companion joined him at work .

Evangelia Gkeredaki

Process engineer at Tebodin Evangelia Gkeredaki accompanied the "cradle-to-cradle" certification process of a pollutant-free and fully recyclable plastic bottle.

Tiia Nikunen, Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland (Finnish video)

Morteza Hatami

Morteza Hatami is in the third year of his apprenticeship as an electrician for information and system technology.

Bilfinger GreyLogix is helping young refugees from Afghanistan and Iran enter the German job market.

Erich Meyer

What is the exact point at which a worn part should be replaced? The senior engineer at Bilfinger Chemserv has been examining this issue.

Susan Rooi

Susan Rooi operates the big pipe-bending machine at Bilfinger Power Africa in Pretoria. She would like to give her children a good start in life.

Yngve Rune Olsen

Together with his team from Bilfinger Industrial Services Norway, Yngve Rune Olsen helps clients to become more efficient and thus even more competitive in the market.

Kurt Friderich

Kurt Friderich from the chemical defence academy in Zofingen, which is run by Bilfinger Industrial Services Switzerland, sensitizes children and teenagers to handling fire.