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Please be aware that such correspondence is not authorized by Bilfinger. Please be aware that Bilfinger SE refuses any legal responsibility on such fraudulent cyber-attacks.

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General information

Which disciplines is Bilfinger interested in?

Your chances are particularly good if you are a university student, a graduate or an experienced professional in facility / property management, process engineering, construction management or economics. But applicants from the fields of computer science, supply engineering, architecture, surveying and alignment, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering are also welcome to apply.

Where can I search for vacancies?

You can search for current vacancies in our job market. You can choose between different criteria like the business unit, professional field or a country you prefer. You also have the opportunity to conduct a targeted search within your interest group, such as entry-level or intern/working student ("Entry as"). The search criteria can be combined with each other.

What do I do if I don’t find a vacancy that meets my expectations?

If you can't find the right vacancy for you in our job market but are still interested in starting a career at Bilfinger, then you are welcome to submit a speculative application.

Please note that you will only receive feedback from us when your profile has been successfully allocated by a recruiter to a suitable opening.

We therefore recommend that you always submit your application for a specific job opening.

At Bilfinger, speculative applications are only possible online.

Who can register on the Bilfinger applicant management system?

Anyone who is interested in joining Bilfinger can register on our applicant management system! We provide a diverse range of offers for school students, university students and professionals.  Please note: simply registering does not mean that you have submitted an application.

Who sees the data I enter?

Your data is of course treated strictly confidentially. When you apply for a specific job, the data you submit will be viewed and processed only by the responsible human resources employee from the company that placed the ad and by the employees of the relevant department.

For speculative applications, your data will be added to the applicant pool of the Bilfinger Group and used in the search for suitable employees. Your data can be viewed and considered for any vacancies by all of the Human Resources departments in the Bilfinger Group as well as by those members of the corporate departments who are involved in the application process.
Please read our declaration of consent.

Are my data and my application deleted if my application is unsuccessful?

Following completion of the application process, your access will be deactivated after six months and further use is then blocked, insofar as you receive no information indicating otherwise. Your data will be permanently erased following an additional six-month period insofar as legal requirements do not require either a longer or shorter period of storage.

For a speculative application, your data will be stored for up to six months in the applicant pool of Bilfinger SE. If you do not make changes to or use your profile over a period of five months, we will send you an email asking that you update your data. If you do not then undertake such an update, your data will then be removed from the applicant pool after a further four weeks and further use will be blocked. Your personal data will be erased from the system after a further six months.

Please read our declaration of consent.

Online Application

We prefer online applications. These are clearer, more transparent and less time-consuming for both you and us.

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