Application tips

Your application is the key to a career change.

The application the first impression we get of you. It is therefore important that your application provides a clear and convincing picture of your skills, personality and career expectations.

In the following we have a few tips for you that could be helpful for your application.

Application checklist

"A good application should always include a cover letter, a current curriculum vitae and your references."

The cover letter:

A personal cover letter should arouse our interest: what is your motivation for applying and what are your career wishes? What position are you applying for and what have you done to date? What are your strengths?

This information helps us to get an initial impression of you, your qualifications and your career goals. Ideally, you should also comment on all of the most significant requirements listed in the employment ad.

The CV:

"The CV should definitely be up to date, have a clear structure and be designed in an appealing manner."

Your CV should include information about you as a person as well as information about your education and all important steps in your career path to date.

Do you have an interesting hobby, do you do volunteer work or have you perhaps published specialist literature? Great! That is something you should definitely include in your CV.

You should also feel free to work with links and, for example, make reference to your XING or Linkedin profile.


"References are a key component of an application. They give us recruiters an overview of your educational achievements and the tasks you have performed to date."

Ideally, they also convey a further impression of you as a person. Please be careful to send us only those references and certificates that are relevant for the position.

Should you have any additional references, you can include them in your documentation.

Potential methods of application

The online application:

The Bilfinger online application gives you the opportunity to provide a detailed profile of your personal qualifications in a short period of time. It allows us to process your application quickly and without complications. For these reasons, we prefer the online application and therefore recommend that you use this method when applying for a job with us.

It’s as simple as this to submit your online application:

Have a look at our job market for a job, training or internship that suits you.

  • Once you have found a suitable job description, click on "apply now" and register in the Bilfinger application system. If you’re already registered then simply sign in with your user name and password via "Direct to login".
  • Following the registration, you will be directed to the application assistant where you can enter your profile and upload important documents. You have the opportunity to save your data at any stage and continue with the application process at a later date. Your data is not lost. Your data will of course be handled confidentially and in line with all valid data protection regulations.
  • The online application process can take between 10 and 40 minutes, depending on how much information you inter into the application form.
  • In order to speed up the application process for you, it is advisable to have the following documents available in advance in pdf or in Word format: your individual cover letter, curriculum vitae and references. For technical reasons your files should not exceed a total of 5 MB.
  • Using your access data, you can update your personal qualification profile as well as your documents at any time and view the status of your application.

The email application:

Application by email is possible when the address of the company is listed in the job opening. 

Please put your attachments together in a single pdf file and ensure that your application is complete: cover letter, curriculum vitae as well as the most important references and certificates should all be included.

The written application:

We generally prefer online applications as this type of application is clearer, more transparent and less time-consuming for both you and us.

Written applications sent by mail are only possible when the address of the company that issued it is included in the job opening and you cannot find an "Apply now" button in the online ad.

For an application by post, your application folder should be in good condition and include the following documents: cover letter, curriculum vitae as well as the most important references and certificates.

The Job Agent

Once you have registered, you can set up a Job Agent. This Agent will inform you automatically by email as soon as new positions that might be suitable for you become available in our company.

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